God wants you to enjoy life on Earth!

I am so tired of listening to sermons about the joy of going to heaven. Not that it is a bad thing but rather that it is more important than the earthly life I was born into and that God has given me. I know God wants me to enjoy the fruits he has given me on earth. God has placed both good and bad things in front of me and has given me a choice to choose. 

That is my position! God wants us to enjoy life on earth before going to heaven. I would give my left arm to hear a sermon and proof that God wants us to enjoy everything earthly he has built and to enjoy the fruits of his labor. 

I use to Love my life so much and now am kind of miserable. I Love my wife and kids but am mainly unhappy with the way my life has turned out. I don’t blame God, I blame myself for the choices I made. I have had plenty of successes but did not recognize them so could not enjoy them. 

Everyday I look for something positive and/or successful that has happened to me but some days it is so very hard. My main drive is to make sure my wife and children are secure financially so as to not need for things I never had. I also want to make sure they have a father and husband in their life that Loves them and cares for them.

This is why I can not help but believe that God wants us to take advantage of what he has set up for us on this earth.