When did road races become such a social media event?

I have to admit, its been a long time since I have attended a running event. I enjoy watching running events on TV like marathons and track events but since I stopped competing a while back, had a family and work a job that has long hours, I havn't had time to attend live races.

My daughter had decided to start running again after years side training her when she was in high school. I said I side trained her because I did not want to interfer with the running coach but needed her to excel, in which she did. Yes, I was that good!!!

She was telling me how much fun she has had at these races and they had all kinds of themes. I said, "Themes"? She said, "Yes"! She explained they had pirate runs, moustache runs, skirt runs and more. She invited me to a Color Run. I did not know what to expect so my wife, son, daughter and her husband went. It was in Daytona Beach Florida. They had several hundred people and went out in several stages. There was no timer or awards but they sprayed different color powders all over the runners. When most everyone came in they played music, sprayed more color powder and gave gifts. It was very entertaining.

It was not what I was use to when I competed, awards, split time intervals, and a big finish line but there could not have been a better social media event than what they have online as this running event. It was fun and exciting. To watch all the people from moms running while pushing baby strollers to senior citizens running, it was an amazing event. I was disappointed when the winning runner ran across the finish line and there was nothing there but a girlfriend standing there and he was looking around like there should have been something more for the acomplishment he had run. Oh well, like I mentioned before, it was a social event.

I am exited that next week I will be attending my young cousin's 3000 meter event in Bradenton, Florida. This time there will be timers and awards. Even though these new social running events are nice to be a part of, I am still partial to the running events that people run for winning.