Sean Parker Napster, Facebook, Spotify, Salesman

Sean ParkerSean Parker is a name that many people have different reactions to. Every video interview I watch seems to ask him questions that seem to point him to dishonesty or lying. One interview I watched showed the interviewee asking him if he was really an investor in Napster. Of course he was. Not only did he have his own money he raised the initial $50,000 that launched Napster. There is a documentary on Netflix that actually showed how much Sean Parker did for Napster and his involvement. The documentary is called,” Downloaded” and I would recommend anyone in sales to watch it to see what it takes to be successful.

Even though Shawn Fanning was the initial idea and programmer of Napster it was Sean Parker’s salesmanship and negotiating skills that made it a name. Shawn Fanning had once said that all he wanted to do at Napster was to be a programmer. I agree with many writings that Sean Parker is a great serial entrepreneur and has what it takes to be financially successful but I see Sean Parker as a great negotiator and salesperson. 

Sean Parker has everything a salesperson should work to obtain. He has passion, persistence, takes rejection well, listens carefully and can read people. I do not know where he learned these skills but I have a feeling he was born with them even though his mother was a TV advertising broker. It is important to see (visualize) the big picture of the sale like Sean does with start up companies. 

Another good trait I noticed that Sean Parker has is he goes after the things he wants and not sit back to wait for people (prospects / Decision makers) to come to him. Some examples are:

1. The people he raised $50,000 for Napster start-up

2. Peter Thiel investor for Facebook 

3. Daniel Ek the founder of Spotify in Sweden.

All these people are the ones Sean parker took initiative to contact and connect with. If you are sitting back and waiting for sales to happen then you are in the wrong business. Even if the company you work for spends thousands of dollars to obtain customers you still have to pick up the phone and prospect. After all being a salesperson is a business in its own right. If you want your business to succeed you need to do whatever it takes to be successful.